As mentioned in the previous blog, at busy times we like to head to less-frequented spots and so it was a couple of weeks ago. It was a scorcher and there was nothing else for it other than head to the beach. We always like to take Finlay when we can because he adores a day on the beach! This, of course, limits the choice a little as there are restrictions during the day on a couple of our local beaches but we like to ring the changes anyway so decided on a short drive down the coast to Bossiney (about a 20-minute journey). This is very much a low-tide only beach so we knew we’d have a bit of a wait on the clifftops before we could get on the beach itself. We decided to head for Benoath Cove just to the east of Bossiney as this part is generally quieter. As it turned out, this was the only option because the path down to Bossiney has been closed due to rockfalls. Hopefully this is just temporary as it made Benoath quite a bit busier than would normally be the case.

After an hour or so sitting on the cliffs, eating our lunch whilst waiting for the tide to ebb, we were able to descend onto the beach and set up for the afternoon. Finlay wasted no time immersing himself in the rockpools before digging a huge pit and then coming for a swim with me in the sea! He always amuses spectators by swimming right out into, and beyond the surf, with me. I really can’t figure out if he’s really enjoying himself or just trying to ‘save’ me! No photos of that, sadly. I expect Maria was having 40 winks!!

We really are lucky to have such gorgeous beaches close by!

The afternoon was finished off on our way back with a lovely Cornish ice-cream from the great little caravan at the car-park. Perfect! 🙂

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