Well, there’s only another month or so left of the main season before we have an opportunity to go in to do some maintenance and various improvements to The Beach Haven.

Earlier this year we introduced a feedback form for guests to fill in before they depart. This helps us find out what we do well, what we don’t so well, and what we can do to make your holiday even better! We’re delighted to say that in answer to the question ‘was your stay up to expectations’ we are currently on a score of 98.92%!! All but one score was 5 out of 5 with just one being  4 out of 5. Our lowest individual form score was 82.86% and that guest immediately then booked up again for 2017!

Common themes among the answers to ‘why did you choose The Beach Haven’ were: ‘good location’, ‘spacious’ and ‘dog friendly’. We also asked if guests would like TVs in the bedrooms and the answer to that one was a resounding NO! Only one guest said ‘maybe’. The one question that divided opinion was whether we should replace the carpet in the living room with a wooden floor and the results to that were split right down the middle. So, we think the answer to that one is to lay a wooden floor but to also add some lovely big rugs. Hopefully then we can keep everyone happy.

The single best aspect of guests’ stays included phrases such as ‘home from home’, ‘homely’, ‘location’, ‘spaciousness’, ‘everything’, ‘garden’ and ‘beaches’.

We’re now about to plan our winter projects and the first one is to replace the timber decking which is certainly past its best. We are also going to lay oak floors in the kitchen and master bedroom to match the rest of the house. Next season there will also be brand new bed linen, towels, pillows etc plus anything else we see that we think is not quite up to scratch. The whole house will have a freshen up of paint and we will be replacing the dining table and chairs shortly as some of the leather chairs are starting to wear on the seats. There’s also a grand plan for the front garden – more news on that will follow at a later date!

Just recently we’ve become aware of the environmental problem of cheap, polystyrene  body-boards which break easily and are discarded on the beach. There were over 600 boards abandoned on Bude’s beaches in August alone. Read the BBC news article here. To do our bit to counter this problem, next year we will be providing a few good quality, foam body-boards for our guests to use. Not only will that help with the environmental issue, it will also save our guests a good few pounds having to buy the boards too.  For those wanting to learn or practice ‘proper’ surfing, we will have a pair of top quality full-size surfboards available to hire.

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