Although I’m never too keen to greet the arrival of October, because it means that summer has finished, once it’s here I love it! Finlay enjoyed a lovely day out in the crisp autumn sunshine today.

North Cornwall is not known for huge woodland, it’s generally too exposed for that, but it does have some wonderful little combes (wooded valleys) that run down to the sea. This is coming up to the perfect time of year to explore them now. We took a little trip up to our nearest combe, Coombe Valley, near Duckpool where the walk starts off by an old mill and some delightful thatched cottages with a ford and footbridge before it diverts off into the woods.

The beauty of these walks is that inevitably, you can divert off and return via the coast path which gives you the best of both worlds – wooded valley and river, and then some wonderful views of the sea and coastline.

As luck would have it, we have a couple of October weeks available at the Beach Haven! See availability page for details.