When you think of Cornwall your immediate thoughts will doubtless be the Atlantic Ocean; the wild and rugged north Coast; Poldark perhaps; sandy beaches; fishing villages or wooded river estuaries. But there is also another side to Cornwall best explored by heading away from the coast into the heartland on Bodmin Moor.

There are countless little secret spots, villages and pubs on the moor which is a much-underrated area of Cornwall. If it were in any other county it would doubtless be much better known!

Sometimes we are just in need of a gentle, quiet afternoon out and yesterday was one such example. Maria is still in her moon boot following an ankle op and I was rather jaded after a school reunion weekend. We decided to pack a picnic and head for one of our favourite ‘secret-spots’, Bowithick, which is just a 20-minute drive away. It’s located not far from the eastern end of the disused wartime RAF Davidstow aerodrome.

Here, Finlay is super-happy! There are streams and tracks, hills and streams, sticks and streams: yes, he loves streams! It’s also so quiet. We saw just a handful of people in the gentle 4 hours we spent there.

Now, despite appearances to the contrary in the photos, we did not sleep. No, that would be something old people do: going out for a drive and a snooze. No, we were actually just concentrating very hard!! 😉

If you want directions on how to find it, just ask!


Our little Cornish secret spot
Our peaceful little Cornish secret spot.
Finlay is quite happy.
Two bridges and a ford. How many more ways do you need to cross a stream?
Finlay concentrating on his stick and me just concentrating!! 😉
He was convinced it had sunk. It was actually floating downstream!
If you find a tree-swing, you just have to give it a go. It’s the law! 😉
Finlay just wants the stick!!
Doggy happiness is a stick and water!!