Our regular guests and viewers of our website, or Facebook page, will be well-aware of the antics of our gorgeous golden retriever, Finlay.

Back in the summer he started to develop a limp and he flinched occasionally when we went to stroke him. We took him to the vet but nothing obvious was found other than a small sore between his ‘toes’. The limp came and went but didn’t get any worse so we thought nothing more of it.

Occasionally we’d also find the odd drop of blood on the floor but were completely unable to locate its source.

A couple of months later however, we noticed a lump on his forehead and duly took him to the vets again. During the examination, a small drop of blood appeared at the end of his nose so the vet decided to do an x-ray.

The tragic conclusion was that our poor boy had developed osteosarcoma: bone cancer. The disease had eaten through part of his skull and was probably also the cause of his limp. We decided to bring him home for one final weekend with us and he enjoyed a wonderful, playful, time on the downs with his ball on the Sunday evening. The following morning though, his face had swollen right up and the bleeding was more frequent. He also started to look uncomfortable. We all instinctively knew the time was right to end his suffering. The vet very kindly came to our house to put him to sleep in the comfort of his familiar surroundings. He was a couple of months short of his 10th birthday. Taken far too soon but we take comfort from the fact that he enjoyed a blissful life, full of great adventures on the Cornish coast: swimming in the sea; walking on the cliffs and moors; travels in our camper to the Peak District and Yorkshire, as well as many conquered ‘Wainwrights’ with me in the Lake District – in the sunshine, the rain and the snow.

He was an omnipresent part of our lives for the last decade and he really was the most knowing, loving, loyal, trusting and reliable companion anyone could possibly wish for. We were so blessed to have him share our lives. He’s broken our hearts and we miss him terribly.

(PS He was also a mighty fine photographers’ model – when he wanted to be!)

It is some consolation that we have so many lovely photos of him, so please enjoy this little cross-section of his life. 🙂