We consider a walk to the Rustic Tea Garden to be an essential part of your holiday at The Beach Haven for a number of different reasons!

Firstly, its a fabulous little walk; half a mile to the beach and then another mile over the National Trust cliffs to Northcott Mouth, with great views of coast and countryside along the way.

Photo of Northcott Mouth

Secondly; because it’s a fabulous location – a delightful little garden area, split in two by a gentle stream, with a caravan to dispense the goodies.

Local Legend, Margaret Frost at her Rustic Tea Garden

Thirdly; to experience some genuine Cornish hospitality and humour from Marg, who is a real, local legend and has run the tea room seemingly forever!

800_7271And lastly, but by no mean least, for the cream teas. A word of warning: these cream teas are like no other. Home-baked scones smothered with strawberry jam and topped with Cornish clotted cream. Generously! When we say generously we mean you’ve probably never seen so much clotted cream in one place before. If you can manage a whole cream tea to yourself (that’s both the scones in the photo) we take our hat off to you but just don’t get your cholesterol measured for a month or two!!

On the up-side, because you’re on holiday, that means there are absolutely no calories in them at all! 😉

Edit: 21/2/20
Very sadly, Margaret Frost, the lovely lady who owned and operated the Rustic Tea Gardem, passed away suddenly, before Christmas. We have just heard though, that next year, it will be run by another local lady, Sharon Hicks, who is a close friend of Margaret’s daughter, Michelle. We look forward to sampling the wares and showing you photos at Easter!!